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Gravitational Marketing

Old Way Of Getting Customers = Forced

For most business owners, getting customers is the biggest stumbling block keeping them from achieving breakthrough success. The traditional customer acquisition process is frustrating for most business owners and hard on their prospects and customers.

When you market your business using traditional lead generation and customer attraction methods, your job becomes the seemingly endless task of chasing down leads, making countless calls, pushing for meetings and forcing outcomes. Phew, that's a lot of wasted hustle. Don't you also have a business to run?.

Long story short. You = Burnout, a reputation for being a product pusher and ultimately a personal hatred of all-things marketing, sales and promotion.

The Typical Customer Attraction Strategy From Your Prospects & Customers POV

When traditional customer attraction methods are used, the experience is as equally uncomfortable and unnatural for your prospects and customers as it is for you. The customer is on the receiving end of your manual brute force efforts and often feels like animal being chased by an amateur hunter who won’t give up the fight. They feel pressured, hounded and beaten... eventual they may give in and move forward.

Don’t think for a second this only applies to your personal sales effort. Oh no. Your external marketing is doing an equally brutal hack-job on your personal brand and on your prospects' or customers' perception of you. Interrupting them, bombarding them and confusing them, not to mention wasting their precious time is no way to build an authentic relationship.

Here's a question? Are they all prospects? Who knows? More often than not, the strategy for identifying the best prospects and customers is nonexistent. The effort... a spaghetti shot, dictated by media reps, arbitrary budgets, bad advice and copy cating without understanding.

Here’s The Scary Part

The cost of this forced, unfocused and barbaric approach is huge. Prepare yourself. It’s ugly, it's frightening and it's familiar. More work, more waste (both time and money), more frustration and lower fees. Which means you put less money in your pocket, kids' college fund and retirement account.

When you use the traditional approach and it isn't working the symptoms you experience are more hours spent working every week, more marketing that doesn’t produce results, less money to operate and grow and more disappointment and frustration. The aliment is old methods, old school thinking and no solid customer attraction strategy, plan and implementation.

Our Way Of Getting Customers = Natural

If you want to end the stress and frustration of getting customers and growing your business so you can finally have a business and life that ESP – Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous, then you have to change what you’re doing. The old way is out and the new economy demands new methods. But what action should you take? Good question. We have answers.

Gravitational Marketing eliminates the unproductive, awful and forced approach of interrupting, chasing and wearing down prospects to get customers and finally allows you to attract high quality, profitable, clients who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly. Not to mention are far more fun and enjoyable to do business with. These clients respect you and want to work with you. They're weren't force into making a decision they now regret.

Your Gravitational Marketing Plan Of Attract...

will allow you to befriend the right kind of prospects who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.It then creates in them an egger want for you, your service and your expertise.

When you harness the natural power of Gravitational Marketing and put it to work for you, you will be the only and obviously choice in your market for your product or service. You'll dominate the market and have an unfair advantage over all your competitors. You will be regarded as the resident expert in your industry or field and you will be sought-after instead of being a chest pounding, street-walking, ad-dollar-wasting, glad-handing buffoon.

By harnessing the laws of Gravitational Marketing you will create a natural system – a system that can be put on virtual autopilot – that attracts customers and delivers leads while you focus on family, friends and live the lifestyle you got into business for.

The Science Of Attracting Customers

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, what we do is very scientific. It’s not a fantasy creative world full of slick slogans, glossy ads, spinning logos and flashy graphics. It’s not about the marketing trick of the day or the hottest technology gimmick or newest media trend.

Real customer attraction... customer attraction done right, is a science. It’s about hypothesizing, testing, measuring and results. It’s about formulas, principles and systems... numbers, data and analytics.

Not as glamorous, easy or fun as it seems on the surface huh? Doesn’t sound like what you’ve been doing, does it? Not something you should try on your own. You need expert help. We’ve got attracting, following up with and creating authentic relationships with prospects and customers down to a science, but our clients who have experienced our work... swear it's art.
Gravitational Marketing Summary

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